Homeowner Insurance Claim Step-By-Step

Your home was damaged after a storm and you don’t know what to do next? Rain Day Roofing is here to help every step of the way. We handle different types of homeowner’s insurance claims to get your repairs completed without the stress.

Emergency Repairs

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services when damage occurs to your home. In this blog we are showcasing photos of some major damage to a roof and skylights caused by some massive branches falling on a homeowner’s roof this past winter. The customer reached out to us and we immediately went out to seal the skylights to prevent any further damage or water leaking into their home. We then followed up to make sure the trees did not post an issue to our future repairs and listened to their concerns moving forward. We diligently contacted the insurance company to guarantee all repairs would be covered and handled any obstacles along the way. Our GAF certification and license allowed us to purchase the best quality materials to complete the repairs. We are proud to say our customer now has four brand new Velux skylights and they will be able to enjoy the sun in their beautiful lakeside home once again.

Homeowner's Insurance Claim Roof Skylights Damage Roof Repair Skylight Replacement Emergency Services
Damage caused by a branch falling on the roof and skylights during a storm

Opening a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

The first step after your home is damaged is to open the insurance claim. We make this process easy by being the point person for your claim from start to finish. Once authorized, we will speak to the insurance adjuster about your homeowner’s insurance claim to restore your home and get you compensated for your deductible.

Estimating the Damage Cost

Let us do the hard work! We will come out to your home and assess all the damage. Our free estimate details what is needed to repair your home. We will research materials needed and write up the estimate for the insurance company to review. If a product is no longer available, we will provide the necessary supplementary reports and information to the insurance company to get you comparable or upgraded materials. This can include colors of shingles and siding, windows, doors, and other construction materials that can be discontinued at the time of repair. We aim to restore your home to what it was before, but better!

Working with the Insurance Adjuster

No time for phone calls? No problem! We will follow up with the adjuster to discuss all necessary funds and materials that need to be ordered for your home repair. Often a roof repair can turn into a full roof replacement if necessary. Let us handle the construction talk and work out what needs to be done, what needs to be paid for, and what time frame all of these factors can be set into motion.

Completing Your Repairs

This is where we do our job best. Damage to your home affect your daily life. We understand an efficient, quality job will provide you peace of mind and reduce stress in your life. We are there every step of the way down to an extensive final clean up of the entire property so your home is safe and sound.

Do you have damage to your home caused by storms, wind, or other natural disasters that is covered by your homeowner’s policy? Give us a call today to discuss how we can handle your homeowner’s claim and get you back on your feet.

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